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Hey Queen! Welcome to the WILD side of Honeyroot Studio! Boudoir has QUICKLY become my favorite niche in photography. There's no words to describe how magical, liberating, and EMPOWERING it is to get together with like-minded goddesses and celebrate our bodies, exactly how they are right in this moment.

I completely understand how intimidating and downright terrifying it can be to do such a vulnerable session, which is why I'll be there for you every step of the way. From pre-planning questionnaires to style guides, to ALL the help with posing- we'll get through this together and have the time of our lives. After all, you deserve it Queen!

I actually have an entire website dedicated to those services, so please go check it out! 

Also, follow the link below to join us in our SUPER empowering and ever growing online Facebook community, the Wildroot Boudie Crew! Where you'll get a peek at the studio and behind the scenes shenanigans, as well as connect with other ladies who have booked past shoots, or ladies who are still working up the courage. Hang out with me long enough and I PROMISE I'll brainwash you into loving yourself again :) We all deserve it my lovelies. 

xo Amanda

Orchard Park Photographer serving Western NY, Buffalo NY, and surrounding areas. Wedding photographer, family photographer, boudoir photographer
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