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How to do New Year Resolutions the RIGHT Way for 2023

Happy 2023, friends!

It's resolution time! I've caught myself, once again, brainstorming a long list of goals for myself this New Year. I even went as far as making a Canva document to put as the background of my computer to act as a vision board. And THEN IT HIT ME..

The goal is important, yes.. but it's main purpose is to give us a direction to work towards. I wanted to write this down as a reminder for myself, and anyone else who may need it.. The focus should be on the trajectory of our everyday habits that will bring us closer to our goals. For instance, one of MY main goals is starting a YouTube channel. I've been so drawn to the idea of having fun with filming in an entertaining and purposeful way. I, personally, feel like I've found a proud footing in the photography community and I'm enthusiastic about having another creative platform to help other newbies and beginner photogs find their own purposeful footing.

Speaking of footing...

Here I am, trying to run before I can walk. What I mean is.. I've never even filmed a single day in my life. And HERE I am thinking that I'm going to be some sort of successful YouTuber within my first 5 videos. (Now I do firmly believe in manifestation, and visualizing you dreams into reality) BUT Truth is, there's a variety of "habits" I need to work on in order to even get the ball rolling in the YouTube world. I've started my journey on learning film and I have to say.. I"M SO EXCITED! I haven't been this excited about something since.. well when I first started photography a year ago really.. There's so much information to learn and a ton of new territory to explore. It's invigorating! So, step by step, I'm learning the basics to be able to achieve this long term goal. I'm focusing on mastering all the little steps in between, and keeping the journey in focus rather than the endgame. And I can feel this opening me up to a whole new world.

I digress..

Maybe you're NOT into the idea of getting in front of the camera and hitting record.. maybe your goal was a popular one like "lose weight", or "get back to the gym". I know those are always on my radar as well. Truth is, this same concept applies here. We get so focused on the end goal being so extreme that we forget to unpack the current habits that make it difficult in the first place, and do the inner work that will help us naturally implement healthier lifestyle choices. I 10/10 recommend the current book I'm reading; Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear. This is an easily digestible read that will help you visualize your current habits, break them down to their roots, and help rebuild the ones you want. There's so much power to this! There's sooo much power in self discipline and doing your inner work. I challenge you to look inward, find that power, and have the BEST 2023 by working on being the best version of yourself. Starting from within.

I'm not sure how this blog started out about my YouTube dreams and ended with me on my spiritual soapbox! But I'm here for it. Such is life..

Be sure to follow my for more whacky photo and film talk! @honeyrootstudio
And keep a look out for my future successful YouTube Channel!! (LOL this is me still visualizing and manifesting)

Photo by Honeyroot Studio in Buffalo, NY

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