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Hi friend!

I'm Amanda, owner and operator of Honeyroot Studio. I'm a homegrown Adirondack mountain girl who relocated to the Buffalo area about half a decade ago when a casual "swipe right" turned husband material! My awesome hubs, Jake and I now have two beautiful babies and have grown some sweet, sweet roots here in Western New York..

(Now you know where my name inspiration comes from! ;) 

Our lives have always been filled with dog rescuing, music festivals, concert tours, and living for the next hiking or camping adventure. However; we've hung up our Birkenstocks and cargo shorts, retired the dirty hippy life.. and are now happily and humbly raising our two babes. 

We still have ALL the fun, but fully appreciate the current chapter we're writing. Being a wifey and momma has made me so hyperaware of how precious the BIG and little moments are in life.. which is why I do what I do with such passion. There's something so magical about turning an intangible moment or memory, into a tangible print you can hold onto forever.


Thank you so much for stopping by. Please feel free to reach out for a chat if there's anything I can do for you! After writing my own love story.. I can't help but LIVE for all the happy endings and I'd love to document yours for you. 

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