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Hi friend, I'm Amanda, owner and operator of Honeyroot.

I'm an Adirondack mountain girl who relocated to the Buffalo area half a decade ago. The mountains will always have a piece of my heart, but they could never compare to the sweet, sweet roots that I grew here in western New York. 

(See? Now my name makes sense..)

Some fun facts about myself? Well, for starters.. I drink way too much iced coffee. I tend to listen to the same song 200 times before I grow out of it and move on to the next. I feel most myself with my purple hair and hiking boots. Our daughter is named after our favorite Grateful Dead song, and it's a rare occurrence that my husband and I aren't planning our next music festival or concert. 

I LIVE for the moments filled with love and light, soul and solitude, raw emotion and a mindful presence. Where we get a glimpse of who we are, what our purpose is here, and the connection we have with the important people in our lives.

If you love a bold, emotional, and moody vibe, please reach out so we can create something beautiful together. I'll be here.